Matters of Great Importance

  • Feb. 14th, 2012 at 9:00 PM
mathewjpallet: (Ultra Jump)
I have been lead to believe that today holds some manner of importance, however I have found myself distracted as of late and having had time to reflect I was last able to enjoy the art of conversing with beautiful women over ten days ago. Looking at my calendar, I'll be distracted for the rest of this month and next with only the weekend of the 25th - 27th of May set aside. Of course it's Shrove Tuesday next week so there should be pancakes aplenty and the following Wednesday is the 29th of February which is extra special as it only happens every four years.

Of course today had some significance to me as I received a packet containing the hard to find Super Dimensional Cavalry Southern Cross and Genesis Climber Mospaeda DVD double pack. If Super Dimensional Century Orguss were still available I would be able to have the entire Super Dimension series.

My monthly stash of comics also arrived today along with two issues of Hobby Japan, Rachel Rising and an IDW comic there's Action Comics and Animal Man #6 the first issue of Conan the Barbarian (the King Conan series was quite brief) Danger Girl Over-sized Treasury Edition which was quite surprising, and I'm hoping that the series will continue so I can see Phil Noto's specials in that format, there's also Danger Girl: Revolver which looks suitably amusing.

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